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Arts & Science

As an educational organization at heart, the SCA encourages members to learn and practice any number of ancient and medieval arts and sciences. Developing new skills not only fosters a greater understanding and appreciation for other peoples and cultures throughout history, but is also a great way to stay mentally active and to challenge oneself. Here in the SCA, we recognize efforts by members to explore the arts and sciences with everything from simple 'great job's' to elaborate awards, and everything in between.


If there is a skill that you would like to learn that one of our Canton members cannot teach adequately, we can always help you find someone from another Canton to do so. Some of the skills we practice in the SCA are:

  • armour construction

  • textile and fibre arts

  • woodworking

  • cooking and brewing

  • heraldry

  • dancing and musical performance

  • calligraphy and illumination

  • storytelling

  • theoretical herbalism

  • astrology and cartography

  • agriculture and animal husbandry

  • glasswork

  • pottery

  • and much more!

The photos below show off some of our members' work in the arts and sciences.

Illumination by Iohn

Sewing by Violetta


Metalwork by THL Daniele

Astronomy by Cinaed

Canton members dancing

Calligraphy by Roselyne

Embroidery by Katrina

Woodworking by Iohn

Mead brewing by Iohn and Katrina

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