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The SCA is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteering is not only a great way to meet and socialize with new and like-minded people, but it is also a perfect opportunity to contribute to one's own community and make it an even better place to be in. Within the SCA, we recognize contributions made through volunteer service with everything from simple 'thank you's' to elaborate awards, and everything in between.


There are many opportunities for youth and adults alike to donate their time towards making the community an even better place to be in. Some include:

  • sitting at the entrance to events and taking payments for entry/food reservations

  • serving event attendees during the evening feast/meal

  • helping to set up and tear down event spaces

  • being an Officer of the Canton, Barony, Kingdom, or Society

  • becoming a certified marshal in a given area of combat and supervising said combat

  • assisting with food preparation and cleanup for a given event's meal(s)

  • running game activities for youth

  • finding and coordinating the rental of space for a meeting/event/demo

  • preparing camp sites during camping events

  • providing water for combatants during a combat tournament

  • being a part of the entourage for Royalty at an event

  • donating medieval-esque clothing and items

  • spear-bearing during Court

  • printing flyers for recruitment efforts

  • and more!

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