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Step Spritely - Feb. 8 2020

6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W7

Step Spritely is the annual premier dance event of Ealdormere, and is hosted within the Barony of Septentria by the Canton of Vest Yorvik, every February.

Enjoy the company of fellow dancers, play with beloved musicians, be part of an inspiring chorus of singers at the evening ball - all of this and more await you at Step Spritely.

Don't know how to dance/sing/play? Not to worry, classes run throughout the day, range from beginner to advanced, and include many of the dances to be featured at the ball. Classes may also include related cultural topics, and dance and music research/reconstruction.

Shrug off the icy grip of winter, and come joyously celebrate a love for music and dance with us!

Event space opens at 9:00am and closes around midnight. Lunch will be plowman's fare and Feast shall be a potluck. Gate fee is PWYC donations.

The full schedule may be viewed below, complete with class descriptions.

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