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SCA College of Arms. Contains a variety of useful links to answer FAQs, find period sources for names and devices from various cultures, descriptions of the volunteer positions involving heraldry, etc.

The forms to fill out for residents of Ealdormere (that's us!) should they wish to register a name or device/coat of arms with the SCA are found at the bottom of this webpage.

This website provides image references for those who wish to draw up a device/coat of arms. Users can view all the various objects, animals, postures, fields, etc. that can be used on their own device by using the navigation pane on the right side of the page.

Eric Praetzel's dance and music database. This includes search engines for music for dances, both in audio and sheet music format.

Master Gregory Blount of Isenfir's database of (mostly European) dance resources.

Mistress Rosina del Bosco Chiaro's and Monica Cellio's 15th-century Italian dancing manual, entitled 'Joy and Jealousy'. A major Ealdormerian publication and contribution to dancing in the SCA.

'Exactly What is Middle Eastern Dance?' by Lady Blodwen ferch Maergred.

'The World's Oldest Dance: The Origins of Oriental Dance', by Cala of Savatthi.

Middle Eastern rhythms resource for drumming.

The Ealdormerian dancers' mailing list.

Known World Dance Symposium website. Shows off the types of classes that are offered there in all disciplines (music, European, Eastern, etc.).

Annotated bibliography of period brewing sources, methods, and recipes.

Annotated bibliography of period cooking sources, methods, and recipes.

'An Islamic Dinner' by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook.

'Camping Without a Cooler', by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook.

'Period Vegetables', by THL Aislinne of Alainmor.

'Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique' by Marc Drogin.

The Ealdormere Scribal College. Contains a number of resources including links to manuscripts used as reference for 'hands' (font types) and imagery, descriptions of various volunteer positions in the SCA related to scribal work, how to organize text and images on a page/scroll, where to get supplies, and more.

The Ealdormere Scribal Handbook.

Armoured combat handbook. Also serves as the combat archery handbook.

Rapier combat handbook.

Equestrian combat handbook.

Target archery handbook. See the armourd combat handbook for combat archery.

Thrown weapons handbook.

Siege engine combat handbook.

Youth combat handbook.

This website contains a plethora of resources pertaining to the creation of medieval clothing and accessories, including pattern templates, research on fashion, and more.

'The Various Ways and Means of Costuming in the SCA', by Lady Manyra. Contains useful suggestions for those just starting out with clothing themselves in a medieval fashion, tips for selecting fabrics for sewing, links to patterns, and more.

'How to Make a Neckline', by Mistress Enid d'Auliere. Provides some step-by-step instructions and tips when making some typical kinds of European necklines.

'Basic Hand Stitches for SCA Sewing', by Coblaith Muimnech. Includes some information on embroidery stitches as well.

The Society for Creative Anachronism's home page. Kingdom Newsletters can be accessed here, along with Society-level publications such as the Compleat Anachronist (for Arts and Science), marshal handbooks (for combat of all types), and more. SCA memberships may also be purchased here if you want one.

The latest SCA census data, along with data from a few other society-wide surveys on Peerage types and the allowance of same-sex consorts.

The Barony of Septentria's website. The Canton of Vest Yorvik is one part of the Barony.

The Kingdom of Ealdormere's website. The Barony of Septentria, and thus the Canton of Vest Yorvik, is a part of this Kingdom.

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Dance - Eastern

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Sewing and Garb


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