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Special events are usually all-day events during which people gather to re-create the Middle Ages with as much authenticity as possible, given modern safety and other considerations. Activities vary from event to event, but most have a tournament and an elaborate evening meal called a feast. There may also be a royal court, games, arts competitions and classes, dancing, and bardic circles (storytelling, music, and poetry). An attempt at pre-1600's clothing is required to attend. Loaner clothing is available to those who do not yet have any.

Local branches usually host one or two special events per year. For example, Vest Yorvik hosts "Step Spritely," a dance event in February, each year. For a list of upcoming events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere (Ontario), please see the current events calendar through the navigation menu. You can also access the Canton calendar as well to see our upcoming meetings and other important dates.

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